《Xiangcun Aiqing,Village Love,Country Love》(1-15) (Chinese Drama TV Series) Starring Zhao Benshan Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

Before, I recommended some funny Chinese films to you. If you like watching funny Chinese films, you must go and see what funny Chinese films I recommend. They are all funny Chinese films that can make your stomach ache

Top 5 Best Chinese Comedy Movies Of All Time Recommended TO Watch | Laughing Your Ass Off

Because some friends like watching Chinese TV dramas, I recommend a funny Chinese TV drama called “country love story” to my friends here. The series has a total of 15 seasons. From here, you can see how popular this TV drama is in China.

This TV play is about the love story and life trivia in a rural area of China. There will be one every year. After 15 years, The series has a total of 15 seasons. Up to now, many people still watch them. Friends who like Chinese funny TV dramas must go to see them.

In addition, I would like to recommend another TV series “We Get Married (2013) “, which I have recommended to you before. It is also a very funny TV series. Friends who want to know more about the TV series “We Get Married (2013) ” can click the link below

We Get Married (2013) (Chinese Drama) Starring Huang Hai Bo,Gao Yuan Yuan,Da Zuo And Fu Jia Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

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