Why Doesn’t Stephen Chow Star In The Movie Himself

Stephen Chow is a person who has high requirements for movies. He would rather not shoot. If he wants to shoot, he will shoot the best. This is what Stephen Chow said. Moreover, Stephen Chow also said that he has run out of talent. It is better not to shoot than shoot bad,

and Stephen Chow said that he was old and it was difficult to find a script suitable for him.but Stephen Chow himself said that his fire as an actor has not been extinguished,Maybe Stephen Chow can’t face the self who vilifies himself to please others now…

Even if Stephen Chow will play, it must not be a little man’s comedy. Now if it’s still a new Hong Kong Style nonsense film, would you still think it’s so funny? I don’t think so… It’s more a feeling than a desire to see the movie starring Stephen Chow. Just like you used to play a game.

You haven’t played it for a long time. You just want to play it. But when you really play, you will feel that it is just so.Anyway, I want to thank Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow’s films have brought us a lot of happiness.I hope everything is all right with Stephen Chow

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