Who Is Murderer ( Chinese Drama 2021) Starring Zhao liying,Xiao Yang Recommend You To Watch Online

Who Is Murderer

I watched a TV play Who Is Murderer these days, starring Zhao Liying. The reason why I went to see this TV play is because it starred Zhao Liying. Zhao Liying is very famous in China. Zhao Liying has also acted in many good-looking TV dramas.”Who Is Murderer” is the latest TV play. I just finished watching this TV play and think it’s OK. But to be honest, this TV play is not particularly good-looking.

It can only be fairly good. It can’t compare with the TV play “beginning” I recommended to you. This TV play “Reset” is really very good-looking, After watching one episode, I still want to see the next episode.If you want to know more about the TV series “beginning”, you can click the following link to learn more

《Reset》( Chinese Drama 2022) (Bai Jingting,Zhao Jinmai) Recommend You To Watch Online

Of course,who is the murderer is a good TV play. This TV play mainly tells the story of the police solving a case. In one case, several people died in succession, but the murderer could not be found. 17 years later, although the police have been trying to find the murderer

But the killer still hasn’t been caught, so who is the real killer? Friends who like Zhao Liying must go to see it. Although it’s not a very good TV play, it’s also a good TV play. It’s recommended for friends who don’t know what TV play to watch