The Condor Heroes 1995 ( Chinese Drama) Starring Gu Tianle,Li Ruotong Recommend You To Watch Online

The Condor Heroes 95

Li ruotong and Gu Tianle’s version of The Condor Heroes are my favorite. Although Li ruotong doesn’t look like the 16-year-old described in the original book, it’s good to say I’m preconceived. I just like Li ruotong’s version. Of course, I also think Liu Yifei’s version of The Condor Heroes is also very good-looking, but I like Li ruotong’s version best when considering all the characters in The Condor Heroes

I think every role in it is very excellent. The beauty of the protagonist and the supporting role are amazing, such as Guo keying, the beauty of high recognition, as well as Zhang Yan, Li Zixiong, men like Ye lvqi, who are also excellent handsome men.

Now the acting skills of stars are getting worse and worse, and the cosmetics on their faces are getting thicker and thicker. Few of them have recognition. Not only their faces are not recognized, but also their shapes. Most of them are in white or black, and their hairstyles are almost the same. Former actors can recognize who they have played when they take off their costumes, and they can know who they are when they block their faces.

The play has complex relationships and a large number of people. Miraculously, even if it is a small supporting role, the interpretation of the characters is also very full, fresh and three-dimensional. Each face in the gag represents an independent story. Hong Kong actors are really dedicated and can bear hardships.

My youth is gone forever. The dream of that year was to marry a wife like Xiao Longnv and travel around the world together. Now think about it, I still can’t help crying because I’m moved by the TV play.

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