The Bad Kids ( Chinese Drama 2020) Starring Qin Hao,Rong Zishan Recommend You To Watch Online

These days, I have watched a TV play called The Bad Kids. After watching it, I think it’s pretty good. Here I recommend friends who haven’t seen it to have a look. The TV play is based on a novel.

This TV play is very famous in China and has a high score. This TV play mainly tells the story between three children and an adult.

The man pushed his wife’s parents off the cliff because his wife wanted to divorce her, and his wife’s parents also supported their divorce. When the police asked him, he told the police that his wife’s parents accidentally fell off the cliff and died.

But the whole process was photographed by the three children with cameras. And the three children just needed money, so they didn’t call the police. They sold the photos to the adult in exchange for money. So the story unfolded

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