Sparrow Chinese Drama 2016 Starring Li Yifeng,Zhou Dongyu,Zhang Luyi and Zhang Ruoyun Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

Before, I recommended some very good spy TV dramas, such as The Disguiser (2015 Chinese Spy War Television Drama), The Red (2014)(Chinese Drama:红色)and The Cliff|The Brink Chinese Drama 2012. These TV dramas are very excellent classics in spy TV dramas, which are very popular in China and have high scores.

Today, I’d like to recommend another spy TV play, called sparrow. This TV play is starred by Li Yifeng,Zhou Dongyu,Zhang Luyi and Zhang Ruoyun. The previously recommended TV series is Fearless Whispers, and also starred by Li Yifeng. and it’s also very good-looking. Friends who haven’t seen it must go and see it.

Today, I mainly recommend the TV series sparrow. Li Yifeng plays the male No. 1 Chen Shen in the TV series. The background of the story takes place during the war of resistance against Japan. Chen Shen enters the enemy and actively struggles with the Japanese invaders

Li Yifeng as Chen Shen

Zhou Dongyu as Xu Bicheng

Zhang Luyi as Bi Zhongliang

Zhang Ruoyun as Tang Shanhai

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