People’s Property Chinese Drama 2021 Starring Jin Dong,Yan NiAnd Huang Zhi Zhong|Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

People's Property Chinese Drama 2021

Today, I recommend a good-looking Chinese TV play, people’s property. This TV play is starred by Jin Dong. Jin Dong is now very famous in China. The TV play named The Disguiser I updated for you is starred by Jin Dong. Jin Dong is also famous for this TV play.

The TV play people’s property recommended to you today is also very famous and watched by many people. Jin Dong plays a man named Qi Benan, an employee of Zhongfu group.

and Lin Manjiang is the chairman of Zhongfu group, because there is a huge crisis in Jingzhou Zhongfu, a subsidiary of Zhongfu group.Lin Manjiang appointed Qi Benan to be the chairman of Jingzhou Zhongfu to help Jingzhou Zhongfu get out of trouble.

However, after Qi Benan arrived at Jingzhou Zhongfu, he found that there was corruption in Jingzhou Zhongfu. From then on, Qi Benan began to wholeheartedly investigate the corruption incident.When the results came out step by step, Qi Benan was shocked, but He can’t look back any more.

Jin Dong as Qi Ben An

Yan Ni as Shi Hong Xing

Huang Zhi Zhong as Lin Man Jiang

Qin Lan as Fan Jia Hui

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