Journey To The West (1986 Chinese TV series) Starring Liu Xiao Ling Tong Recommend You To Watch Online

Journey to the West (1986 TV series)

Journey to the West (1986 TV series) is very successful. I found that every character in Journey to the West (1986 TV series) is very successful. Each character has his own personality image! Each character is distinctive and doesn’t look like acting at all.

Now a TV series is basically completed in a studio. All the actors look at their faces, regardless of your acting skills. If you have traffic, you can be perfunctory and never be serious (except for some conscience dramas), so it has become a flood of bad dramas.

The Journey to the West (1986 TV series) proves that time will give the best affirmation for films and television made with heart. It is not a passing cloud, but a classic that will last forever

Director Yang Jie’s journey to the west is our ideal journey to the West. I think her role should be like this. The only thing that brings infinite fun to my childhood is that I won’t get tired of watching it on black-and-white TV no matter how many times I watch it

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