If A Woman Shows The Following 10 Kinds Of Performance, It Shows That This Woman Doesn’t Really Love You

1. He never looks you in the eye. He is basically perfunctory about your questions. For example, if you ask him how you are dressed today, he will answer casually. That’s OK. Hao doesn’t mean to answer with heart, or even look at it.

2. He often quarrels with you. Sometimes he makes a strong judgment and accusation about you with something. He never wants to comfort you. You will often quarrel. When you cry and feel sad, he will rarely ask about your state and don’t comfort you.

3. His inner world never communicates with you, never tells you his own dynamics and recent work and life, and never communicates with you what he has encountered recently.4. He never pays attention to your opinion or discusses with you what he decides or buys. He decides by himself.

5. He will always tell you that he is busy and has no time. When you enthusiastically share an activity with him, he will excuse you for being busy.

6. You will give him many intimate nicknames, but he basically doesn’t give you nicknames or rarely calls you. Even if you order him to call you intimately, he rarely calls you.

7. You often send him messages enthusiastically, but he always replies slowly or even often doesn’t reply. He basically never pays attention to the dynamics of your circle of friends and rarely comments or likes your circle of friends.

8. He always gives a simple reply to your phone. Well, OK, he’s busy. Let’s do it first, and then he ends the call in a hurry. He rarely calls you on his own initiative.

9. He never takes the initiative to give you gifts, and never remembers your festivals or anniversaries. When you tell him that your girlfriends or friends have received gifts or flowers, he will just perfunctory or tell you that the gift is useless.

10. Although you are close at hand now, the feeling he gives you is always far away. Your heart always feels as if you can’t enter or contact his inner world.

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