How Many Times Has Zhang Yuqi Been Married? Who Are Her Ex Husbands?

As we all know, Zhang Yuqi is a very good actor. Zhang Yuqi is famous for her role in the film (CJ7/Long River 7/Chang Jiang Qi Hao)starring Stephen Chow. After becoming famous, Even though she chose to leave Stephen Chow’s company for better development of her career, they both separated harmoniously. Goodbye is still a friend.

After leaving Stephen Chow’s company, Zhang Yuqi has not developed smoothly in her career, Just when Zhang Yuqi’s career was at a low ebb, Stephen Chow found Zhang Yuqi again and invited Zhang Yuqi to play the female No. 2 of the mermaid, the film directed by himself.

Later, everyone knows that the mermaid film is very successful, it is also a very funny film, and it was once the total box office champion in China. Now the total box office champion has changed, It has been changed into Wolf Warriors Ⅱ starring Wu Jing.

Since Zhang Yuqi starred in the mermaid film, Zhang Yuqi’s career has developed again. In recent years, Zhang Yuqi has made more and more film appointments.

Although Zhang Yuqi’s career has developed very well, Zhang Yuqi’s marriage is not perfect. According to media reports, Zhang Yuqi has married twice. The first husband is director Wang Quan’an. They married in 2011.

The two divorced in 2015. After Zhang Yuqi’s divorce, she married rich yuan bayuan in 2016, At the same time, the two of them had two children, a boy and a girl, and then the good times did not last long. The two divorced again in 2018. Up to now, Zhang Yuqi is still single. I hope Zhang Yuqi can find her life partner as soon as possible

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