Drawing Sword (Chinese Anti-Japanese War TV Drama 2005) Starring Li Youbin,He Zhengjun,Zhang Guangbei Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

There are all kinds of classic TV dramas in China. If you say what is the most classic spy war TV drama in China,The Red (TV Series 2014)(Chinese Drama:红色)Starring Luyi Zhang,Hong Tao,Yiwei Zhou,and Xun Wang I recommended to you is definitely one of the most classic and good-looking. If you say which is the most classic Anti-Japanese War TV drama in China, it must be the TV drama starring Li Youbin, Today,

I strongly recommend this best anti-Japanese War TV play Drawing Sword . This TV play is starred by Li Youbin. Before starring in this TV play, Li Youbin was not very famous. At first, the director wanted to find Tang Guoqiang to Starr in Liangjian, but Tang Guoqiang felt that he was paying too little, so he refused, Later, the director found Li Youbin, who was not very famous at that time. After reading the script,

Li Youbin also refused to shoot the TV play because the shooting conditions of the TV play were very difficult and they were shot in ice and snow. However, Li Youbin felt that he was older and his body was not as good as before, so Li Youbin also planned to refuse to shoot the Drawing Sword, However,

after reading the script, Li Youbin’s wife strongly asked Li Youbin to play in the TV play, because Li Youbin’s wife thought the script was very good, and Li Youbin’s wife said that as long as Li Youbin shot the TV play, he would be very famous, so Li Youbin shot the TV play. Later, as Li Youbin’s wife said,

Li Youbin became famous, and his film pay has increased dozens of times. At the same time, this TV play has become the best TV play in China’s Anti-Japanese war. It is strongly recommended that friends who have not seen it must go to see it and try to see the Chinese version with English subtitles, because Li Youbin’s speech is very powerful and infectious, If you watch the English language, it is very likely that the audience will not catch the light of the TV play. By the way, this TV play is also a very funny TV play.

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