Highly Recommend You To Watch A Little Mood For Love (Chinese Drama Recommendation 2021) Starring Zhou Xun, Huang Lei And Tang Yixin Online

A Little Mood for Love (2021)

Director: Wang Jun (many modern urban dramas directed by Wang Jun are really popular and good-looking)

A brief introduction to A Little Mood For Love(2021): Liu Xiaomin, the female No. 1 starring Zhou Xun, was originally from Jiujiang and forcibly married Jinbo under the strong matchmaking of her mother. Jinbo’s family was well off at that time, but Jinbo was addicted to alcohol like his life.

Liu Xiaomin and her son lived a difficult life. It happened that Liu Xiaomin communicated with the admiring teacher su. Liu Xiaomin was wronged and had an affair. He was discouraged, Liu Xiaomin came to live in Beijing alone from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province.

Zhou Xun 

He worked as a chief midwife in a hospital in Beijing. More than 10 years later, Jinbo and Liu Xiaomin’s son Jiajun grew up and were taking the college entrance examination and devoted themselves to Tsinghua. At this time, Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuozheng fell in love for about a year. Jinbo forced his son to work to pay off the debt because of debt, Jia Jun didn’t want to give up his dream of taking the Tsinghua exam, so he came to Beijing to take refuge in his mother Liu Xiaomin. Jin Bo also came to Beijing. The two people who had been divorced for more than 10 years were entangled together. As soon as a family ethics farce was launched

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