King of Beggars( Chinese Comedy Film 1992)Full Movie Starring Stephen Chow,Man Cheung,Man-Tat Ng and Norman Chu Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

I updated some of Stephen Chow’s movies before. For example, Flirting Scholar (唐伯虎點秋香;Tong Pak Foo dim Chau Heung) , The Mermaid (Chinese:美人鱼) , Shaolin Soccer(Chinese:少林足球), Out of the Dark (Chinese:回魂夜) ,Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons(Chinese: 西遊·降魔篇) and Kung Fu Hustle(Chinese: 功夫).Today, I recommend another comedy film of Stephen Chow,

The film name is King of Beggars. This film is also a classic film of Stephen Chow and is very worth seeing. The film starred Stephen Chow,Man Cheung,Man-Tat Ng,Norman Chu,Wai Lam,Chung Wang,Wai Yee Chan,Pak-Cheung Chan,Lawrence Cheng,Matthew Wong,Bei-Dak Lai,King-Tan Yuen,Cheung-Yan Yuen,Kin-Yan Lee and Mi Yang.

Stephen Chow plays a rich child in the film. Because he fell in love with a woman, he began to be first in the imperial examinations for military personnel in order to pursue a woman, Because his beloved woman told him that she would only marry the first in the imperial examinations for military personnel, he was admitted to the first in the imperial examinations for military personnel.

However, he was punished by the emperor for cheating and could only be a beggar all his life. From then on, he began to fall down, and the story began.Click the link below to get the viewing address:Watch The 1992 Chinese Comedy Film King of Beggars Full Movie Starring Stephen Chow viewing address

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