Lost on Journey Full Movie (2010 Chinese Comedy Film :人在囧途) Starring Xu Zheng and Wang Baoqiang Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

Today, I would like to recommend a comedy film to you. The best comedy film must be the one starring Stephen Chow, but Stephen Chow doesn’t Starr film any more.

The comedy film recommended today is Lost on Journey (Chinese:人在囧途), starring Xu Zheng,Wang Baoqiang,Li Man,Zuo Xiaoqing,Zhang Xinyi and Li Xiaolu.. Xu Zheng also began to become a famous director because of this film. I remember that I was very impressed and funny when I first saw it,

So I recommend it to you. This film is really good. Later, Xu Zheng made several sequels, but the most classic must be Lost on Journey (Chinese:人在囧途). Xu Zheng’s wife is Tao Hong. Yesterday, I recommended The Red (TV Series 2014)(Chinese Drama:红色)Starring Luyi Zhang,Hong Tao,Yiwei Zhou,and Xun Wang To You. The Red (TV Series 2014)(Chinese Drama:红色) is mainly played by Tao Hong.

Xu Zheng and Tao Hong were still happily married, The two of them also fell in love because they were filming TV Series together. The film Lost on Journey (Chinese:人在囧途) mainly talked about an ordinary trip home, which was full of difficulties due to various accidents. During this period, a lot of funny things happened. Friends who haven’t seen it must go to see it. It’s a great comedy film

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