Fearless Whispers Chinese Drama 2020 Starring Li Yifeng,Gina Jin,Wang Longzheng And Niu Junfeng Highly Recommend You To Watch Online

Before, I recommended some very good spy TV dramas, such as The Disguiser (2015 Chinese Spy War Television Drama), The Red (2014)(Chinese Drama:红色)and The Cliff|The Brink Chinese Drama 2012. These TV dramas are very excellent classics in spy TV dramas, which are very popular in China and have high scores.


Today, I’d like to recommend another spy TV play, named Fearless Whispers. This TV play is starred by Li Yifeng,Gina Jin,Wang Longzheng,Niu Junfeng,Shi Shi,Wang Xiaoyi,Huang Shuowen,Wang
Chao,Li Qiang,Ge Si,Song Jiateng,He Huan,Han Yezhou,Zhang Haotian,Hou Xuelong,Luo
Jingmin,Zhao Chengshun,Liu Wei,Liu Jie,Zhou Zhi,Guo Tangwei,Yang Haoyu,Zhao Yunzhuo,Hou
Changrong,Fang Zhoubo,Zhou Jie,Zhou Xiaohai,Yue Jingwei,Zhang Lan,Zhang Dabao,Luo
Ji,Yang Taoge,Zhang Han.

This TV play is also a spy TV play, but this TV play is not a very traditional spy TV play, but I still recommend this TV play to you

Friends who haven’t seen it can go and see it, because the TV play is also very good-looking. I’ve seen this TV play myself. I feel very good.The number one man in this TV play is Li Yifeng.


The background of this TV play happened just after the war of resistance against Japan. Li Yifeng played a little policeman in the TV play. He became a policeman after graduating from University, but many colleagues treated him badly.

Nevertheless, he maintained a positive attitude towards the future, overcame various difficulties and fought against the enemy. Finally, he harvested his love

Li Yifeng as Gu Yaodong

Gina Jin as Shen Qinghe

Niu Junfeng as Zhao Zhiyong

Wang Longzheng as Xia Jicheng


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