Why Are Many Children In Poor Families More Likely To Be Poor Than Those In Rich Families?

Why are many children in poor families more likely to be poor than those in rich families? Mainly, if the family conditions are not good, parents will also restrict their children from doing great things. Their lifelong pursuit of stability and short-sightedness are always imposed on their children

If you don’t listen to them, a large family will criticize you, kidnap your children morally, say unfilial, white eyed wolves and so on.

Many things dare not be done and hesitate. Their horizons and patterns are really different. They can’t stand a big defeat and don’t dare to spend money when they go out

It’s really hard for a poor family to have a noble son. I’ve read some articles before that everyone’s starting point is the same. You complain that life is not easy, but you don’t work hard

But everyone’s starting point is really different. I often hear people say that they want to start a business and open a shop after graduating from college. A few friends take out tens of thousands, but how can you take them out.

In China Children from rich families grew up in an English environment when they were young. They can speak fluent English at a very young age. When they grow up, they can do simultaneous interpretation easily and learn at least one art

For example, talking about piano and dancing really explains what it means to be richer than you and work harder than you. It’s really difficult to be like Liu qiangdong. At the most difficult time, only Liu qiangdong knew how difficult it was. It’s not impossible to get out of a poor family, but it really needs to pay more efforts

Moreover, efforts may not be successful. But we still have to work hard