Before Dawn (2010) Chinese Drama Starring Wu Xiubo,Lin Yongjian,Hai Qing Recommend You To Watch Online

There are various types of TV dramas in China. One of the most famous TV dramas is spy TV dramas. spy TV dramas are very popular in China. Over the years, some very classic espionage TV dramas have been left.This website has also recommended them to you. If you haven’t seen them, you can click the following link to learn about them.

TOP 10 Best Chinese Spy Tv Shows Of All Time

The above link lists the best spy TV dramas in recent years. They are all spy TV dramas that I have seen and think are very good-looking. They are recommended to my friends.

Today, I recommend to you another classic spy TV series named before dawn (2010). It has been 10 years. Facts have proved that this TV series is very classic. Even now, I will watch it again from time to time.

Before dawn (2010) this TV play is starred by Wu Xiubo. Wu Xiubo plays a man named Liu Xinjie in the TV play. Liu Xinjie is a spy. He has been actively working for new China.At the same time, the enemy has always wanted to find him. The story begins like this.

Friends who haven’t seen it strongly recommend you to see it. It’s very worth seeing. You’ll find that this is a very good spy TV play, which can reach more than 90 points

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