Any Physical illness Or Aging Of People Begins With The First Cold

Any physical illness or aging of people begins with the first cold. These external factors are what we call the Taiyang (Bladder Meridian).The Taiyang is people’s defense system or defense line. People’s diseases begin when this defense line is broken by wind and cold. Related to it is Shaoyin (heart and kidney).

The Qi of Shaoyin is the foundation of person,The damage of Shaoyin starts from the First foot cold and the first staying up late.The Qi of Shaoyin is the foundation of the Qi of the Taiyang. When Shaoyin weakens, the Qi of the Taiyang weakens and the Qi mechanism of Taiyang defense weakens, and external evil will easily drive straight from the outside to the inside. As people grow up, the Qi of Shaoyin becomes more and more scarce

The Defensive Qi of the Taiyang depends on the Qi of ShaoYin. When the Qi of ShaoYin is defeated, the Qi of the Taiyang becomes weaker and weaker, and the external cold will continue to challenge, moving from the Taiyang to Yangming (stomach and large intestine), Shaoyang (gallbladder), Taiyin (spleen and lung) and Jueyin (liver and pericardium).

This is why children will have Taiyang symptoms such as fever and headache when they catch a cold, while the older people are, the Taiyang symptoms will disappear, but Yangming will appear (stomach, large intestine, constipation, etc.) or symptoms of Shaoyang (gallbladder) or Taiyin (liver), which is that people’s Taiyang is in vain. Therefore, the older people get, they don’t have any symptoms of children with colds

Therefore, we advise you to keep warm, go to bed early and get up early and avoid cold, that is, from the two levels of Taiyang and Shaoyang,At ordinary times, we should guard against both external and internal thieves.Why do people suffer from cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc, internal and external attack.

The Taiyang is cold, the tendons contract, the Du Meridian are blocked,the kidney is insufficient, and the bone will fail, because the normal essence comes from the kidney. If the kidney is insufficient, the essence is taken from the bone, and the essence in the bone is insufficient.

Therefore, there will be cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis,Finally, it is osteoporosis, so wearing warm clothes and paying attention to living habits tell the principle of health preservation and disease elimination from both internal and external levels.In other words, any human disease is a cold and an external infection, that is, attack inside and outside at the same time, clip in the middle level, and gradually decline.

As far as people are concerned, there are Jueyin, Taiyin and Yangming Shaoyang between Shaoyin and the Taiyang. Are these four parts the first and fastest to go wrong in middle age? The process of human aging is the continuous loss of Yang Qi, that is, the continuous loss of human function, that is, the perception ability is getting weaker and weaker. People have big problems in ignorance, so Mr. Pang warned us to look inward

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