A Man Will Form An “Intimate Relationship Model” Of Avoiding Problems Rather Than Facing Problems, Which Must Be Influenced By His “Native Family”.

Does your boyfriend often avoid problems rather than face problems in your relationship. The reason why A man form an “intimate relationship model” of avoiding problems rather than facing problems must be influenced by his “native family”.

Father’s disability in the family is the main reason.

We can observe the relationship mode of men’s parents in the family: is the mother in power in the family? Does mother often vent her emotions and scold her father? Does the father choose to ignore his mother’s emotions? Does father often not like to go home?

This is the real root problem.

Therefore, a wise woman should not solve problems in an emotional way. Emotional problems will only produce more problems.

In other words, even if your boyfriend can tolerate such emotions, your son will learn from his father’s way and treat the next woman with cold violence in the future.

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